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Mental and Spiritual Support with Cancer, Breast Cancer & Disabilities

Supporting cancer patients when it's needed the most

As soon as you are diagnosed with cancer, you forcefully step into an emotional rollercoaster and everything changes instantly. Life is becomes uncertain and offers little to hold on to. You are facing a dark period. A frightening time with many uncertainties you need to cope with.

We know from personal experience how difficult this is. Whether it's you who got diagnosed or someone you love, we know exactly what it means when cancer creeps up on you, taps you on the shoulder and says, "Here I am, deal with it."

What you are going through takes a lot of trust, faith, and hope. In medical specialists, in the body itself and in the divine power.


Saint Support wishes to support you. It's our aim to provide hope and support to everyone who is confronted with this terrible illness.

Our carefully selected Support Collection offers mental and spiritual support to people with cancer.


We have researched the most powerful patron saints who are known to provide specific support to cancer patients.

Saint Aldegonda is the patroness against cancer in general and breast cancer in particular. And Saint Jaoua is called upon to help cure cancer.

The support of these patron saints can directly be addressed in a prayer. Or you can invoke their intercession to join you in prayer to strengthen your intentions with God. A traditional, but powerful custom that's often forgotten in modern life as it dates back to a time when medical science was still powerless against certain diseases. Although doctors know and can do so much more today, there is still a great sense of powerlessness surrounding cancer. Therefor extra help is still very welcome at difficult times.


With our handmade pendants and coins we would like to support you


Of course you decide how to wear the jewellery. But we have received wonderful feedback from some of our Dutch customers that we would like to share with you;

The modest size pendant is very suitable to attach to a bracelet as a charm. The idea came from Mrs. Lammers in Utrecht, who gave the Saint Aldegonda pendant to her daughter when she was reluctant to wear a necklace due to her radiation therapy.

Gentlemen are in favour of using our coins. While men tend to keep the coin in their wallet, Mr. van der Sluys from Eindhoven always carries his Sint Jaoua coin in the small pocket of his jeans.

Another original tip came from a young lady living in Dronten. She informed us that she had transformed her pendant into a trendy brooch by attaching the eyelet of the pendant to a pin.


However you choose to wear Saint Support jewellery,

We made our collection with a lot of love!

Saint Aldegonda support

Patron Saint against cancer, in particular against Breast Cancer. She also provides mental support to cancer patients.

Saint Jaoua support

A Patron Saint of Irish decent. The intercession of Saint Jaoua is invoked to cure cancer.


Saint Eutrope support

Patron Saint of Mutilations and Disabilities. His advocacy is invoked against these disorders.